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Glenn N. Koponen, Dean, School of Music, Nyack College

Sue Lane Talley Director of Music Program, New York City


Dr. Lars Frandsen, Coordinator, Guitar

Dr. Elizabeth Swanson, Choral Music

Prof. Chris Hughes, Coordinator, Jazz and Percussion

Prof. Margrit Zimmermann, Artist in Residence and Piano Proficiency

Prof. Joan Mallory, Coordinator, Music Education

Dr. Dana Talley, Coordinator, Vocal Music



Dr. Sue Lane Talley, Piano, Conducting, Recorder, Collegium Musicum, Opera, Worship Studies
Dr. Dana Talley, Voice, Music History, Opera, Music Education
Dr. Lars Frandsen, Guitar, Collegium Musicum, Music Theory, Music History
Tom Christenson, Sax, Jazz

Jhasoa Agosto, Theory, Diction, Voice
Sharmi Harper, Voice
Chris Hughes, Percussion, Jazz
Eleazer Rodriguez, Guitar
Simon Li, Piano, Music Theory, Worship Studies, Conducting
Debbie Shen, Flute
Mary Carey, Voice, Music Education
Jason Covey, Trumpet

Laura Covey, Oboe
Uli Speth, Violin, Viola, Chamber Music, Conducting
Tom Christensen, Sax, Clarinet, Music Education
Stephen Clapp, Violin
A. Wayne Batchelor, Double Bass, Electric Bass, Jazz
Jon Werking, Piano, Jazz, Improv. and Church Music

Joan Mallory, Music Education

Kyle Pfortmiller, Voice, Opera Workshop, Acting


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